Not much is known about this artist – he is as cryptic as his pseudonyms. The name we see the most is a stream of seemingly chaotic symbols – ÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ but that does not stop there.

For an instance, his SoundCloud username is ‘XannyPhantom’ – a clever wordplay using the name of Danny Phantom – a cartoon character of multiple identities. But the split personas certainly do not distract from the fact that his music is indeed very fascinating and seemingly otherworldly.

In ‘Holy War’ he touches the subject of paganism and religion mentioning that he is both the devil and the sacrifice nailed upon the cross which continues the discussion of being something, nothing and everything at the same time. His sound is extremely industrial and may not be appreciated by the masses but might be appreciated by someone, no-one and everyone.