Whxami has released multiple projects over the time-span of this year with the most recent being his album ‘flowers’ so he definitely hasn’t been slacking. He has relentlessly been focused on expressing himself and it is starting to get recognized. (I been focused for what / Cuz the high hopes i’m running with)

In ‘middle of the night’ he seemingly touches the subject of focusing on making music, doing the thing you love, in a world where doing the thing you love can be frowned upon and judged. Whxami’s songs speak on personal issues and the way the world reacts to them. (I just wanna be myself / In a world full of hate and I don’t need no help)

What isn’t relevant at all is that one of his songs – ‘highschool‘ was produced by Ghostemane and currently sits at 115k plays. This one on the other hand is produced by stranger whose beats are very fitting to whxami’s aesthetic therefor we definitely hope to see more of this singer/producer duo.