Ggravee is a musician from Houston, Texas which would explain why his recently released song ‘haunted‘ emits such a heatwave. He has collaborated with scumby with whom we have done ‘A Pizz With’ at the end of 2017. If you like scum, you should definitely have a spot in your heart for ggravee as well.

Ggravee has usually made his music in the recently populated way of combining rapping and singing characteristics over ‘lo-fi-ish’ instrumentals. Unfortunately, staying in this faint and low energy mood throughout all of your arsenal can sometimes be a trap for the artist’ creative power to not fully blossom. That certainly is NOT the case here.

Dee B, the producer of this song, has done a great job combining the skittish hi-hats with the eerie & UFO-like background noises to achieve a playful instrumental that fits the feel of the lyrical content remarkably. Ggravee sings about the struggle of an unquestionably mutual love that somehow just isn’t working out. If you think about it – the extraterrestrial beat accounts to that by sonically recreating the image of two beings lost in space.

I hope you are as excited as we are to see what ggravee creates next.