Thouxanbanfauni has had a strange 2018; he seemed to be on a roll this year with two great albums, but in mid-2018, he found himself in legal trouble and locked up. Since Fauni’s release, he has kept a low profile, only releasing two new songs. However, his third post-jail track, “Heavy Metal“, seems poised to be one of his best, and hopefully, an indication it’s about to be Fauniseason. On the track, Thouxanbanfauni uses his signature cadence to float above an eerie beat, loaded with steel drums and hard-hitting kicks and hi-hats. Fauni has a way of entrancing the listener with his flow, much like Playboi Carti, probably because they used to be in the group Splurr Gang together. But Fauni is not a Carti rip off, instead, Fauni has found his own lane and his own voice and stands apart from his contemporaries, with his fast-paced wordplay and hypnotic flow, which he uses on this track to perfection.

Out of nowhere, Denzel Curry bursts onto the track, using a throwback “Imperial” flow, that immediately grabs the attention of the listener. The blend of Fauni’s lazy, leaned out flow with Denzel’s grungy and angry flow, allows for the track to become a very engaging listen, especially on repeat listens. One of the best parts about “Heavy Metal” is how the beat continually jumps all around the confines of the track, while the two MC’s effortlessly trade hard-hitting bars with each other. It’s a vibrant and aggressive track that stands out from the oversaturated rap scene in 2018 and hopefully we will see more of Thouxanbanfauni and Curry together, or at least more singles from both of these rappers.

I would like to end the article here, except there is one major flaw on the track, the rapping ends at 1:54 in the song, but the beat continues on for over another minute. It is very strange, especially considering the rapping ends right after a hook, where one would expect one of the rappers to jump in and carry the song to the end. I wish I knew why the song was like this; if it was an intentional choice by Fauni to showcase the production, or if it was a mistake and someone left off a whole verse. If this track had been cut down to two minutes, it would have been flawless, so let’s hope they fix this issue and this track gets the attention it deserves.

Listen to “Heavy Metal” now.

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