Today DatPizz is proud to present the 16 year old rapper and producer Tyler Farms. Tyler brings us a self-described “agreeably uncompromising” sound which varies from DatPizz’s brand of moody trap to spitting straight bars about the life that he’s led up to this point. Tyler makes music not only to express himself, but also to provide listeners with an entertaining and enlightening experience. Tyler’s main influences stem from Queen, Michael Jackson, Andre 3000 and Kendrick Lamar, so while he may channel different voices than our usual crowd here at DatPizz he still manages to have a sound we fuck with. Tyler brings us only good vibes and really hopes that you fuck with his music, because he’s in it for the listeners.

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Sample Track
Tyler Farms – Harvard

Missing/Incomplete Tapes

Bold = “Essential”

Official Releases
[2017] Tyler Farms – And That Has Made All The Difference (128)
[2017] Tyler Farms – Purple November (v0)


Bootlegs / Singles
[2015] Tyler Farms – SoundCloud Files Vol. 1 (v0) {Bootleg}
[2016] Tyler Farms – SoundCloud Files Vol. 2 (v0) {Bootleg}
[2017] Tyler Farms – SoundCloud Files Vol. 3 (128) {Bootleg}
[2018] Tyler Farms – SoundCloud Files Vol. 4 (128) {Bootleg}

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