LIL SLIME DA GARBAGE MANE came through with a refreshing take on the hyper-aggressive metal and Three 6 Mafia inspired rap style that is taking over Soundcloud. His album SLIME DAWG TRILLIONAAIRE hits all the right notes that we’re used to but pushes it to a higher level with impressive flow and delivery on every single track. The intro sets the scene for the album as a campfire story goes awry; getting cut short by a hellish chainsaw and maniacal laugh. Slime makes sure to hit the necessary flexing themes and brutal imagery but also knows when to dial down and self-reflect with the track “I UNDERSTAND, ITS JUST HARD.” Slime’s gruff voice is abrasive and boisterous but pairs well with the jackhammer bass prominent on every track. The soundtrack is also littered with 8bit bleep-bloops, retro samples, and ear-grabbing synths.

The album is a perfect showcase of Slime’s friends and a new generation of rising artists. A new producer is featured on almost every track as well as crazy features on more than half the album. Cover art provided by @_dunce is a cherry on top providing a refreshing bright cover art with a neat cross-stitch effect.
(Full credit list can be found here!)

Overall this album doesn’t take itself too seriously but still provides the best  elbow-throwing, lane switching, and bug stomping combination possible. Check out the tape below!