Swamp G and Leo Sins return with more melodies and heady beats on Rejuvenate 2. Featuring the tracks Love Song and Rowdy, it’s clear from the first 10 seconds of each track how different Leo & Swamp were trying to make them from each other. Love Song opens up like an early Drake track, featuring a soulful vocal sample and plucky, G Funk strings and synths. Chopped and screwed vocals that appear around the middle of the track add to the variety of sounds and styles being brought forward, creating a mixture of West Coast, Dirty South and the 6ix that just works. Swamp and Leo sound flirtatious, as if they are speaking to the woman in question through song, and they allow the beat to ride out to maximize the sample usage. The second track, Rowdy, is exactly the namesake of the song. With a bass heavy beat that sounds best in the whip or on some speakers, this is not music to chill out to. Featuring a menacing piano and chanting in the background, Swamp and Leo both flex like evil villains who give 0 fucks. Overall, while this project is only over 5 minutes long, it leaves you wanting to hear more as both artists get a chance to shine. Here’s hoping to more work from Swamp and Leo in the future, but for now, peep the tracks here-

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