ILOVEMAKONNEN’s newest single “Spendin’” (feat. Gucci Mane) brings a pop-rap mix track into 2019. Starting off with his alluring vocals, he presents himself in an upbeat positive manner, singing over a dreamy lopping synth. He dwells more into his carefree spirit, re-embracing his ragged past to now a life of wealth and leisure. His smooth transition to his rap verse grounds the song back, as to mellow down and visit his childhood, while the beat’s fresh energy stays consistent. Gucci’s verse adds a cool tone, also referencing his roots of trouble and having to turn to drug dealing, but now living a life of luxury, stating how he can finally be confident in being a GOAT. The song reflects upon both of their lives as unfortunate kids who were able to grow out of their poverty to live the life of millionaires they always dreamed of being. As much of a flex it is, it is still a groovy track and inspirational as they’ve overcome their struggles. Regardless of the issues they went through, they remind the listener they are winning and spending.

Listen to “Spendin” by ILOVEMAKONNEN now.

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