After a few months of radio silence, Virginia artist DanVHefner, returns with a surprise “Speak of the Devil” EP. Youthful and dark, the project is laced with hard hitting drums, bouncy bass and plenty of 808s with a sound that can switch from ominous to jiggy. Dan raps about his life and career focusing on his future as a recording artist determined to succeed despite whatever odds he may face. He never gets conceptual or deep focusing more on creating a “mosh music” atmosphere with high energy and simple lyrics. Stylistically similar to Wififsfuneral in his approach, Dan makes material that’s easy to vibe to but not utterly devoid of meaningful content as he finds a way to delivery strings of loosely connected thoughts while occasional giving listeners insight into his life, interests and drug use. At only 13 minutes this EP is a short, simple listen with some good vibes. Standout tracks on this project include “Die Alone“, ” Initiation“, and “Goodbye” an eerie, steady paced SLNDRMANN produced speaker knocker that’ll have you rocking to the bass.

Stream “Speak Of The Devil” below

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