Long time member of the underground rap scene, Slug Christ, dropped his new project titled “Judas’ Betrayal and the Three Day Burial of a Salted Slug” on January 28th 2018. Slug shows his many different flows from the upbeat tracks “Separation” and “Watcha Got”, which were released about a month ago,  to the slower melodic tracks on the project like “Feel Saner”, which was released prior to the project dropping as well. “Thinkin’ Bout Prayin” is a standout track with Slug explaining how lost he is and sings that he is looking for an answer to his faith.  On the track he flirts with the idea of praying, but is quick to say how he laughs at the idea and that he could never “fuck with something like that.” With this variety new fans are bound to find a style of music they like in this project and serves as a great introduction to his discography. Slug’s production quality shines here with him producing all but one of the tracks on the album. As with most of his other music he keeps the dark and drug fueled vibe throughout a majority of this project. Overall, Slug’s switching of musical styles throughout gives the EP a good listening experience and and has something for almost everyone!

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