When one thinks of the Atlanta sound, the first thing that comes to mind is probably trap. From the beginning of the scene with Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, to TI’s Trap Musik all the way to the sound of today with Gucci and Migos, the one thing that has stayed cemented is that the ATL is full of drugs. Recently however, a new Atlanta sound is on the come-up. One that is not afraid to share their feelings through melodies and voice. One of the strongest of this new movement is a young artist named Shrimp. Producing and rapping, Shrimp and his clique are pushing forward with a new style, one more focused on emotion. On the new track “Runaway”, Shrimp lay out the image of a budding relationship and what can happen when two people fall in love. It is rare that an artist opens himself up to be weak, losing their persona as a tough act. But as he begs his girl to watch the sunset with him, listeners can’t help but feel for Shrimp, as most of them have surely been in a similar position. Producer JakeBlaze offers a beat to perfectly compliment the heartbreak, with heavenly synths being contrasted with a strong bass and hi-hat feel. The track has such a trap feel, only to get listeners caught up in their feelings. This is part of the brilliance of Shrimp, the seemingly oxymoronic sound that somehow comes together perfectly. Keep an eye on him as he continues his ascent into the forefront of the Atlanta scene.

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