Today DatPizz is proud to bring you a super special project, Roy Banks’ “Sincerely Banks: Loverboy Part 1.” Sometimes after hours of SoundCloud’s brand of auto-tune hype trap music you need a break from it all and I’ll be damned if Roy isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered. Roy uses his natural voice on this album, singing his heart’s desires out for listeners and calling to mind other singers like Jason Derulo or Frank Ocean. On the song “Deep Cuts” Roy takes a moment to remind us he’s not JUST a singer, spitting some of the bet bars that this writer has heard all year. Roy only brought along one feature for this project, Leila, and her angelic voice is the absolutely perfect compliment to his consistent style. Towards the end of the project Roy takes a few minutes to impart some wisdom on listeners and easily demonstrates that he has some incredible views on things and is certainly someone to pay attention to. I had honestly never heard of this artist beforehand, but after this I truly believe he is one of my favorites on the come up. I suggest you drop what you’re doing immediately and peep this project, you’ll be glad you did.

P.S. – Watch out for when he sings along with the trumpets on “Letters to August”, it just might send you to heaven

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