An LA Hip-Hop recording artist, Ro Ransom is multifaceted with a genre-meshing artist who is hard to box in. He’s an acute spitter with an exceptional flow that fits well in today’s world of rap where it’s important to know how to crank out melodies and lyrics while still having substance. Preceded by singles “Might Go” and “Floetry” featuring Kensei Abbot, Ro’s new project “Possessed” is an 8 track effort with minimum features with frequent collaborator  Kensei Abbot being the only other artist to make an appearance

With its enticing melodies, effortless flows, dope lyrics, and eclectic beat selection this project touches all demographics with club-friendly jams, 808 bangers, lovesick ballets, airy, cold autotuned cuts and booming, contemporary Tap records.

Smooth and stylish, on “Pop” his feelings of loss and growth are palpable as he digs deep venting about a broken relationship, mistrust and how the music industry has left him feeling jaded and lonely caught up in the evil seduction of fame.

An Alternative Rock/Rap fusion with a bright and blazing drum driven track with a sweet 2000s Rock melody rhythm and a well executed, autotune assisted chorus and digital overlay. At one point he had an almost Beastie Boys like cadence as he sings and raps at a snappy pace.

Streamline and ear-pleasing with a nice bounce, “Floetry” is one of the most traditionalist Hip-Hop tracks on this tape with more of a focus on technical skills. Spazzing over a momentous beat Ro.keeps things concise with a punchy flow that hits all the right notes while Kensei keeps up that energy with an equally tenacious verse.

Confident and suave, Ro keeps it chill on the outro as he takes time to flex his materialistic gains and congratulate himself for his musical success and financial prosperity while Kensei comes through with a calculated, energetic flow that comes off as catchy and unique.

An entertaining and sometimes introspective body of work with a diverse array of sounds that are all appealing to the ears. “Possessed is an uplifting and engaging album that showcases his musical repoteire and willingness to experiment with his vocals, songwriting, and soun.

Listen to “Possessed” below

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