With this track, the trio of producer doyouloveme and singer/songwriters lazygirl and aira have created a song that speaks to the hopeless romantic within all of us. doyouloveme’s “i’m still in love with you” samples reggae/rock-steady legend Alton Ellis’ 1977 eponymous single, and the influence of the genre is evident throughout the song’s production. Nonetheless, the rapper/producer isn’t afraid to add his own signature to the old classic, littering the beat with perfectly placed accent effects, and modern yet subdued drum patterns that give the old standard a new breath of life.

While the instrumental retains many of those familiar rock-steady roots, lazy girl and aira add an R&B twist through their unique and contrasting approaches to the track. The two artists expand on the song’s original lyrics (and less than subtle message) with a new hook and five original verses on which they alternate singing.

aira showcases her talents immediately as the song starts with her on the chorus and segues into her first verse; she manages to belt out perfect notes while retaining a distinct coyness in her words that almost borders on nonchalance. This pairs perfectly with the slight raspiness in her voice that shines through in certain lines.

Not to be outdone, lazygirl makes her presence felt upon entrance, effortlessly toying with vocal trills and gliding up and down notes with her subdued falsetto. Most impressively, her voice conveys real emotion – in her second verse, there’s a marked change in tone as the lyrics turn from a story of longing to one of desperation.” it’s unlikely you’ll come my way – I can’t sleep, you make me better, lying awake, please don’t forget me” she sings. lazygirl’s ability to convey emotion through sheer intonation adds yet another layer to the song’s attraction.

“I’m still in love with you” is the kind of song that you listen to on repeat when you’re in your feelings – or whenever you just feel like singing along to an impossibly catchy melody and hook. This is the trio’s first time appearing here on the DatPizz pages, and if they continue to produce quality music like this, it surely won’t be their last.

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