Kyle Stemberger’s list of producer credits will shock you. He’s worked with some of the biggest artists of today and secured millions of cumulative plays through artists like Jorja Smith, Trippie Redd, and more. We’ve talked to him about three of his biggest tracks and found the story behind them.

Jorja Smith ft. Burna Boy – “Be Honest”

Around November of 2018 I made the original guitar melody that plays throughout the track as well as the little vocal on top of it, which is just me humming with a bunch of effects on it.

I actually made it while I was on Facetime with one of my homies. As soon as I had the barebones of the melody down we both knew it would end up being something special. I ended up putting it in a pack of melodies and sending it to some dancehall/afrobeat style producers because it had that vibe to it.

Funny enough, a producer named Cadenza stumbled across the pack and finished crafting the beat along with another producer named Izy. I was extremely stoked when I heard the song was coming out, as I had been a fan of some of Jorja’s previous work and Burna Boy was on it as well. It also just went gold.

Trippie Redd – “RIOT”

This song came together around February of 2019, me and one of my homies, Hammad Beats, had been working on some beats for Trippie. Most of them revolved around me playing the guitar then Hammad laying down some drums. We ended up having like 3 songs Trippie recorded over but RIOT is the only one that came out. This was my first big album placement, and it was special because you can without a doubt hear some influence from a lot of Trippie’s production on all of my beats. Hopefully we have some more collaborations on the way.

Flipp Dinero ft. Lil Baby – “How I Move”

This song happened similar to the same way Be Honest did. I was just at home working on some ideas. I made a pretty simple melody on an acoustic guitar, nothing crazy at all, then I added this super wild flute on top of it, then recorded some percussion under it. I ended up putting it in a pack and it got in the hands of a producer named Pluto. He hit me up saying we had one with Flipp and I was excited because i’m a fan of him but I didn’t think that much of it.

A few weeks later I saw DJ Khaled pushing it like CRAZY on Instagram and everyone was in the comments telling them to drop it. Me and Pluto both knew it would be something special after we saw that. What’s cool about this track is there has been some people tagging me in videos of them playing the song on a flute and adding their own twist to it. I love seeing people cover songs I created. I live in the Atlanta area so being a song with Lil Baby on it, it was and still occasionally is on the radio. 

Southside – “Gunna Swag”

This one is super special because a lot of us upcoming producers definitely look up to Southside and probably even tried to sound just like him at one point. For someone who’s that legendary as a producer to pick one of my beats to record over is definitely an honor. I actually had no clue that this song was coming out. The beat was just a beat I made with 5k beats. I was feeling really inspired by Travis Scott’s new single “highest in the room”, I wanted to make something faster with a guitar like that. I recorded a couple of different ideas then created the one used in “Gunna Swag.”

I added a little whistle on top of it too. 5k ended up slowing it down a lot and went crazy on the rest. I follow Southside on instagram and saw he put the little EP out so I hopped on Soundcloud to check it out and saw (Prod. Kyle Stemberger & 5k) on one of the songs and thought I was tripping at first. I was really hyped when I saw that and heard the song because like I said for someone who is one of the biggest producers to pick something you created to rap over, it’s really an honor. Hopefully i’ll have some more with him on the FA4 album as well.