Behold, the 4th in a series of monthly mixtapes, curated by DatPizz staffers. This month’s tape features 23 dark, lo-fi  bangers guaranteed to put you in the mood to summon demons in your living room. Not for the feint of heart. Sit back, relax and smoke you a blunt to this shit.

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EETP – Phantasmaglorious (DatPizz Exclusive)
MC Holocaust – Apocalypse Farewell
P2THEGOLDMA$K – Makin Stainz
Everybody Hates Danny – 21
Lil Traffic – Applied Ethics
Franklin – Uncle Luke
Five Finger Posse – Body Bags
Hellion – Interstate (ft. Lil Traffic)
Hazy – Anti-Christ-Superstar (ft. PoolBoi)
Sleep Steady – Love This (ft. Seaan Brooks)
Drk Blade – Craigslist killer (ft. Supa Sortahuman & MKULTRA)
Kane Grocerys – Run Thru A Check
Butch Dawson – Hustle (ft. Mike Of Doom)
Chemical – Things Don’t Change (ft. Steven Cannon)
Supa Sortahuman – My Problems
Morgue! – Freak Jawn
Chxpo – Flexin
Leon’sWOLF – Fishing For Trash
KirbLaGoop – 6 Xanz
Mavo – Weezy
Odd Pike – They Want Me Dead (ft. T-Loc & Swank Galato)
Famous Addonis – Unknown (ft. Phantom Caine)