Pennsylvania is known for its booming street rap scene with acts like Meek Mills, the late Jimmy Wopo, PNB Rock, and Kur but like any other buzzing music scene it possesses diversity and is filled with recording artists expressing themselves in atypical ways that express their unique approaches to making music. Vocalist RLA is one of those musical acts.

Vérité is a nine-track release that is self-written, self-produced, and self-mixed. It has seductive, bold production with head nod inducing melodies, rich soundscapes, and snappy drums. RLA soulfully sings through his thoughts reminiscing on heartbreak, pain, and sacrifices it’s a story of love loss and self-discovery as he goes through a tumultuous relationship before ultimately reclaiming his joy. His voice is dynamic, enduring and emotive with a soft tone and he has a nache for laying down heartfelt hooks that are quite catchy.

A sonic journey through the higgs and lows of falling in and out of love, listen to Vérité belo

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