murph is a rapper and skating fanatic coming to us from Atlanta. After getting kicked out of school and listening to some Chief Keef, murph figured that he should give making music a shot. We can be glad he did, as he is making a name for himself, even getting the chance to open for one of our personal favorites; Slug Christ. Besides Keef, murph’s influences range from Lil’ Wayne to even alternative bands like Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy. Claiming that he is setting “the new bar for Atlanta” when it comes to sound, we can’t wait to see where murph decides to take it from here.

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Sample Track
murph – Closed Doors

Missing/Incomplete Tapes

Bold = “Essential”

Official Releases
[2016] murph – New Season (128)

[2017] murph – Building Lights (128)
[2017] murph – New Season Spring/Summer ’17 Collection (128)
[2017] murph – Phoenix (128)
[2018] murph – Who Would Ever Thought (128)
[2018] murph – New Season The Prequels (128)
[2018] murph – A Thousand Years (128)


Bootlegs / Singles
[2015] murph – SoundCloud Files Vol. 1 (128) {Bootleg}
[2016] murph – SoundCloud Files Vol. 2 (128) {Bootleg}
[2017] murph – SoundCloud Files Vol. 3 (128) {Bootleg}
[2018] murph – SoundCloud Files Vol. 4 (128) {Bootleg}
[2019] murph – SoundCloud Files Vol. 5 (128) {Bootleg}

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