Today we are happy to introduce you to a self proclaimed “sad sack of shit” who goes by the name of Maze.
Some people say that the difference between a heartbreak and a bullet wound is that a wound can be healed but the troubling emptiness caused by a heartbreak can never be forgotten. Almost as if you’ve lost a part of yourself – “Baby girl, you know that you were my world”.
In “Cry Get High” – Maze talks about this exact phenomenon that you can’t really do anything about. You can cry, you can get high but at the end of the day, you will still feel broken.
The beat is produced by AWOL and fits his vocal delivery so luminously that you’ll catch yourself replaying it for the tenth time. It’s a wonder that I can say that this is his latest song cause it seems like he is constantly posting snippets or cooking up new fire that always leaves you thinking about your life and it’s values.

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