It’s well-known that a lot of hidden talent lies undiscovered in Soundcloud. While searching for artists in Soundcloud’s ever-expanding archive I found someone who is as interesting as he is elusive; LUVOD2036 aka Phoenix Rivers aka Shawty Alcopoko aka BABY FLEXICO aka Paris Hitler aka Lil Paris aka iwanodinparis aka $kullyhigh. Self-defined as “Haunted Trap,” LUVOD2036 brings an eerie, drugged voice to every track, occasionally switching to harsh screams. Currently LUV has 5 followers on Instagram, 254 views on his only music video, and less than 2,000 plays on his most popular song. Interested in the low numbers, we continued into the rabbit-hole and found: a Bigcartel with merch, a Facebook page with deleted tracks, and an active tumblr. LUVOD2036 has evolved over the ages from starting music back in 2012, but our favorite sound is what he’s bringing now.

His most recent project “THANX4NUTHING” is on Soundcloud but is not listed under the album/playlist category. It consisted of “NASCAR,” “i am not afraid tuu die,” “hellblock1666,” “THUNDERKISS’66,” “I’ll shoot yuhh frum ohio,” and “texaco 9:15:18, 3.36 AM.” Comparable to TRASSH’s and Lil Wop’s overall aesthetic, his zombie-like voice pairs well with the content of his grimy drug-fueled lyrics. Production on the album is stellar and varied, always having thumping 808s and light melodies. If you’re looking for something dark and new, then this album is definitely worth listening to. 

We’re looking forward to what comes next from LUV and hope he gets more attention. Listen to his album compiled below!

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