We decided to throw a Valentines Day tape together so you have something to send 2 yo bitch for this special day.

Shout out Odd Thomas for the unreleased track St Valentine’s Day Massacre off of his new tape & shout out our new artist Flynnflamingo for the clean cover art.
Tracklist by 5kirr

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outmind – [untitled]
Odd Thomas – St Valentine’s Day Massacre
Lil Tracy – You My Kim K & Im Yo Kanye
Lofty305 – Damn Girl
AMMT – Chloe Sevigny Pizza Party
Kay P – I Got Bitches But Not Really
Lil Ugly Mane – Mona Lisa Overdrive
Jpdreamthug – Kissed With Mint
Horse Head – LoveGang (ft. Cold Hart)
Father – Slow Dance (Interlude)
Cyrax! – True
Lonny X – Her Song
Horse Head – So Stay
TheStand4rd – Tryna Fuk / No Reply
Antwon – Amazon Wishlist (ft. Lil Ugly Mane)
cold hart – parking lot
Slug Christ – i just ate a whole 8th of mushrooms