Lil Peep and ILOVEMAKONNEN’s newest single “I’ve Been Waiting” featuring Fall Out Boy has been the alternative rock collaboration we’ve been waiting for. The track is fresh and upbeat, as light synths blend with deep underlying bass riffs. ILOVEMAKONNEN delivers diversity in his vocals, starting off the song as a frontman of a synth pop tune, alongside Lil Peep backing the verse with slight ad-libs using his signature melancholy vocals. Lil Peep comes in providing a pre-chorus that is loud and angsty, as the underlying heartache is emphasized throughout the catchy beat. The chorus brings it down with ILOVEMAKONNEN’s singing, which then transitions to Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump’s verse. Patrick Stump maintains the song’s unique pop punk combination, as his vibrant voice brings all kinds of emotion using his high range and intimate depth. This collaboration seamlessly mixes the styles of all the artists, as each of their voices contains a different element, yet come together in harmony for the electro rock groove.
The track is a dream come true for the late rapper, as Lil peep himself stated on a XXL The Break interview, “One of my favorite hip-hop artists is Makonnen. One of my favorite bands is Fall Out Boy. You put those two together and that’s Lil Peep.” Lil Peep’s work definitely clarifies his statement, as his influencers gave him his unique sound of grimy, yet soft emo/punk rap records, which have been continually mimicked within the SoundCloud community. ILOVEMAKONNEN continues to keep Lil Peep’s legacy alive, as he works on their collaborative rap project and has been releasing singles to honor the man.

Listen to “I’ve Been Waiting” now.

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