lil anguish (previously known as ‘try, again.‘) is a British musician and active member of HellRaisersClique (HRC). Fans of artists like smrtdeath and lil aaron will adore anguish due to his similar mix of autotune and pop punk inspired vocals within his music. Perfectly summarising his style, the 20 year old released 11 songs in the form of his debut album ‘hellsent‘ which is currently at an average of 202 plays and despite being a fairly new face to the scene, the Brit definitely has a talent for music and this is shown not only in hellsent but also in new release ‘bleed‘ featuring fellow HRC member jashiin.

Throughout the entire track you can feel the emotion in the voice of lil anguish as he addresses battles with his mind and dealing with heartbreak. If you have ever struggled with mental illness or breakups this song will hit very close to home with both artists speaking on their experiences with life. Both lil anguish and jashiin accolade one another over the y axis produced instrumental making this track one for the low times in life.

Below you can find the track from lil anguish’s soundcloud.

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