Lerado Khalil is an artist based in St. Paul, Minnesota. A member of the Nobody Project, Lerado has really only been making music for about a year, but that doesn’t show. Lerado manages to consistently release tracks that showcase his lyrical ability and beautiful beat selection, proving that he has what it takes to get big someday. He sees himself as the leader of a new wave of sound, one that will push the entire landscape forward. Lerado cares about his artistry and has a desire to be the very best in his game, demonstrating that he possesses the determination that it takes to make that happen. Really, Lerado is just a great artist and doesn’t have much of a backlog, so give him a shot.

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Sample Track
Lerado – TINTS

Missing/Incomplete Tapes

Bold = “Essential”

Official Releases
[2018] Lerado – 78 SEASON (128)
[2018 Lerado – Shark Fin Soup (128)
[2018] Lerado – Creepin/Checks (128)


Bootlegs / Singles
[2016] Lerado – SoundCloud Files Vol. 1 (128) {Bootleg}
[2017] Lerado – SoundCloud Files Vol. 2 (128) {Bootleg}
[2018] Lerado – SoundCloud Files Vol. 3 (128) {Bootleg}
[2019] Lerado – SoundCloud Files Vol. 4 (128) {Bootleg}

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