KirbLaGoop may be one of the most prolific artists out right now and somehow with each release, the Sarasota rapper gets better and better. This remains true on his new single “Stein’s Gate” produced by Shrine, released January 12th, 2019. The date is important, because this single marks Kirb’s first song from his upcoming album, “No Feelings”, which will be the second album for the rapper this year. “Stein’s Gate” is a different style than Kirb fans are used to, instead of his regular lyrics about flexing and trapping, Kirb gets personal, telling the listener “I be stressin, I be losin my mind/I don’t know what to do with my life”. This emotional song is backed by a bass pounding, ambient, trance inducing beat that meshes perfectly with the lyrical themes posed in this song. If this song is a reflection of his next album, then it’s going to be my Album of the Year.

Listen to “Steins Gate” by KirbLaGoop now.

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