Kevin Kazi came through with yet another quality release on the 8th. The 16 year old Atlanta artist’s new banger “Again” combines his own darkly melodic, meaningful (and self-penned) lyrics about his mixed feelings on an untrustworthy lover with Alecto’s wild, bass-driven trap production to further blur the line between rap and R&B. The mixing and mastering by KENJIBOII and Kevin himself paradoxically creates a dually processed and raw feeling to Kevin’s emotional vocals, while Gnairda’s interestingly stylized cover art clues the prospective listener in to the anything-but-ordinary music they’re about to hear.
The song comes a month after an another song cosigned by the eponymous Billie Eilish (met with mixed reception from her fans), who Kevin cites as one of his favorite musicians; and her 100,000 Twitter followers definitely sweetened the deal. This rising star is only getting brighter with each new song, and his career path will certainly be fun to follow if he keeps improving at this rate. Take a listen below:

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