Keenanza is a 24 year old producer/artist from Miami, Florida. He is known for his hard hitting trap beats, loud and distorted 808s, and songs he produced for artists like Ruben Slikk, KirbLaGoop and Denzel Curry. Keenanza (AKA “Nza“) makes beats and mixes his songs on FL studio. He started making beats in 2007, but did not take producing seriously until around 2010-2011, when he was in college at University of Florida, making beats everyday. He is co-CEO of Swish Muney Gang with his little brother Zay Muney. Other artists that are part of the $MG collective are Lazy God, Nik Nak, Galactic Mang, Tecdapharmacist, Broken Eclipze Lil Fiji and MitchellBay. Keenanza  has produced for almost all of the underground. He has produced songs for Denzel Curry, SpaceGhostPurrp, Metro Zu, Chxpo, AGoff, KirbLaGoop, Rozz Dyliams, Yung Simmie, Mike Dece, Loudpack KAP, Zay Muney, SupaSortahuman, Kemet Dank, Matti Baybee, Pouya, Fat Nick, Kane Grocerys & more. Keenanza currently lives in Fort Pierce, Florida.

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Sample Track
Kenanaza – WDF

Missing/Incomplete Tapes

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Official Releases
[2013] Keenanza – Yu Already Knoe (v0)
[2015] Keenanza – Nza (Deluxe Edition) (v0)
[2016 Keenanza – KILL SEASON (v0)
[2017] Keenanza – LIFE OF AH BANDIT (v0)
[2017] Keenanza – MENTALLY ILL (v0)

[2016] Zay Muney & Keenanza – ZayNanza Vol. 1 (v0)

Bootlegs / Singles

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