A rising artist coming out of New Jersey, Kaleb Mitchell is a chameleon who can stand alongside rap purist and hitmakers alike. The young rapper has built a sizable buzz for himself accumulating hundreds of thousands of streams. At a young age, Kaleb understands how to create captivating, hard-hitting music laced with vicious flows and vibrant melodies.

His latest project NINESEVENTHREE is an 8 track release that delivers. Kaleb tenaciously tackles instrumentals with a monstrous flow that’s slick and as powerful as the bass behind his voice. Aggressive and melodic, his hybrid style is highlighted on KING KONG and NINESEVENTHREE, assertive and infectious tracks bursting with sound. The second half takes a more mellow approach. As he dials back on his lyrical flexing to deliver softer more subtle tone with dark R&B tunes showing a greater range of emotion as he croons and sings. He discusses love in a vulnerable way on FORREAL a funky, pulsating track for the ladies.

On NINESEVENTHREE, Kaleb Mitchell puts on for his city and himself with a bold experimental project that’s part rap and part R&B reflecting the melting pot that is Hip-Hop today. Kaleb is a young artist who has put an extensive amount of time into perfecting his craft and it shows.


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