Takeover Worldwide LLC is a Creative and Marketing Agency created as an umbrella company to express the different creative aspects of owner and founder, Isaiah Parada. It was created with a special philosophy in mind: “Take Over The World.” 

It’s the idea that a person can make the world around them, into their own, from their own individual perspective,” says Prada.  If you find a way to live life in a way that is fulfilling to your highest self while simultaneously benefiting the world this is what it is to ” Take Over ” or “Take Over The World.” As an entity, Takeover Worldwide LLC provides a ton of services like consulting, corporate-level marketing, as well as other creative services. 

It also has a label, Take Over Records, that’s a branch of said parent company. Both are run by Abstrakt, the owner and founder of Takeover Worldwide LLC. He is a cunning business executive and also an artist in the purest sense of the word. In his early career he had success with music as an artist before transitioning into the corporate side of the industry. 

His song “Dirty” reached over 1.2 million streams and was featured in the press. He has also worked closely with Atlantic Records to push his music while maintaining his independence and funding his career out of pocket. 

His music has also been featured on popular entertainment platform Lyrical Lemonade after only having four singles to his credit. His short time in the industry as an artist served as an opportunity to gather the connections that would help him to transition into being the creative powerhouse he is today. 

With his umbrella company, Takeover Worldwide LLC serving as a creative outlet he plans to express in an artistic manner, the philosophy that inspired him/gave him purpose in life “Take Over The World”.

For more information, head on over to Twitter and find him at @ABSTRAKTDAGAWD.