Coming out of Hamilton, Ontario, DatPizz is proud to present Nu Faith artists DBLCRSS and Jay Portal for their debut collaborative EP ‘Hell Is Where The Heart Is‘. Fuelled with perfect production, beautifully delivered vocals, art by Cameron Moore and photos by Cuffgod the pair have certainly checked every box needed to insure the release turned out immaculate.

Ontario isn’t typically known for it’s music scene but with this project the pair plan to change that. Throughout the entire release our ears are blessed with amazing production, due to the skill of DBLCRSS, and the extreme energy and angry yet melodic sounding vocals from Jay Portal. The two close friends certainly make a great team as straight away from track one all the way through to the final track we can just feel the bond the two have created between one another.

Listen below and hear the perfection this EP brings to the table for yourself.

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