Guardin’s newest single Solitary finds the emo crooner at his most desperate. The song and  music video start with the rapper by himself, both visually and lyrically, lost in the solitude of his own consciousness. Throughout the track Guardin shows a piece of his romantic life that has been a burden on his soul that he has never personally put in the limelight before. It allows the listener a closer glimpse at someone that they have invested so much into and allows them to understand the pain their idols feel on a daily basis. The production of the track parallels early 00’s emo guitar and drum based patterns and rhythms, reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate. The track itself stands above its contemporaries by employing a lack of traditional trap production, challenging the listener to hear a style they may not have heard otherwise. Hopefully the Convolk collaborator can continue on the path of engaging, emotional tracks such as Solitary

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