The lengthy, 15-track album ‘IN LOVING MEMORY’ by UK artist FXLLEN dropped December 13th after being in production for a large chunk of this year. The album sits at hefty 44 minutes but does not get bleak at all thanks to countless complementary features that are mainly coming from artist collective ‘EVERYONECRIES’ – label founded by FXLLEN himself.

FXLLEN delivers a unique sound we’ve grown to love from him – emotional vocals laid out in an energetic manner filling up the moody and spacious beats. His powerful auto-tuned singing harmonizes with the instrumental in a way that demands your attention right from the first bar, like on the track “Call Me” which consists of repetitive yet creative lyrics that’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. That’s a big part of his aesthetic – unique, somewhat underground values that still present strong radio play opportunity.

FXLLEN has carefully thought out all of the features on this album and hopes that people listen to them with a clear mindset free of judgement because some of them might not appeal to mass audiences.

All in all, for his first album, this is a solid body of work that has been polished to the best version it can be. Filled to the brim with loud and ominous bangers as well as melodic and soulful lovesongs. The most important part about this album is that it has very strong replay value to entertain us while we wait for what he will surprise us with next.

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