Falinee is a female singer from Glasgow, Scotland with an ear for instrumentals and a truly unique and vibrant sound – upon the first listen we got the same uncommon feeling you get whilst listening to masterpieces like ‘I’m God’ by Clams Casino. The feeling embodies ethereal characteristics – it’s glowing and it’s rich in colors with all the possible feelings you could sense.

In her latest track ‘fears’ you immediately get an idea of what you are about to experience judging by the cover art – something devilish, undoubtedly dark and grimy.  The whole track has an industrial feel to it whether it’s the jittery hi-hats or the way the somewhat distorted 808 hits alongside falinee’s eerie but definitely beautiful vocals.

Lyrically, you can notice how she portrays the feelings of doubt all throughout the song. The feeling that you’re not so sure of what you feel. There’s almost a bi-polar characteristic to the lyrical content with bars like “glad that you’re here // life has never been so clear” turning into “i fucking hate to deal with you” real quick.

The track is duo-produced by .underrate & longlost. Presumably, the dazzling cover art is a picture of herself.

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