One entire year. For 365 days, the team here at DatPizz has been working hard to help fans easily access music by their favorite artists. The outpouring of love and support we’ve received for what we do has been tremendous. So, as a bit of a celebration, we decided to do something special. With help from some of the best artists and producers in the underground, DatPizz proudly presents our second tape, Existentialism Volume 2. From Ego Mackey in Canada to Shrimp in Atlanta, and Nedarb in California all the way to Muppy and Hylas Geist in the UK, this tape covers just about everything we love and represent here at DatPizz. It’s been a long road to get here, but it was worth it for the art we’ve helped to create. We are super psyched to share it with you today, so hit up SoundCloud and be sure to download on Bandcamp for plenty of bonus tracks. As always, thanks for supporting us and if you really want to help the culture, toss a little towards our Patreon or pay what you want on Bandcamp

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