emotionull is a 19 year old artist based in Phoenix. Originally from Long Beach, null grew up on a lot of alternative, punk and rock music. As such, he makes what he considers a mix of alternative and hip-hop now, not really what he would consider rap. Feeling like he has trouble expressing emotions and relating to others, null uses his music as a way to connect with others and something to keep him from doing stupid things that would mess up his life. He hopes that people who can relate to those issues will find refuge in his music, knowing there are others like themselves. null draws inspiration from some of our favorite artists on DatPizz Lil B, Slug Christ, Wicca Phase, Horse Head and plenty of punk/alternative groups, leading to quite a varied sound in his music. null doesn’t really sound like anything else on the site now, so give him a try and see what you think of this new sound direction.

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Sample Track
emotionull – yr one of the few

Missing/Incomplete Tapes
[2016] emotionull – Love & Drugs

Bold = “Essential”

Official Releases
[2016] emotionull – The Come Up EP (v0)
[2016] emotionull – Shithead (128)
[2017] emotionull – EMOTIONULL (v0)
[2017] emotionull – Punk Boy, Lover Boy (v0)
[2018] emotionull – Ecstasy EP (128)


Bootlegs / Singles
[2016] emotionull – SoundCloud Files Vol. 1 (128) {Bootleg}
[2017] emotionull – SoundCloud Files Vol. 2 (128) {Bootleg}
[2018] emotionull – SoundCloud Files Vol. 3 (128) {Bootleg}

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