eetp is a rapper and member of Kawaii Krew from Northborough, Massachusetts. Joining him in Kawaii Krew are his friends MC_ESCHERR (formerly MC Escher), who he met in Hebrew school and collaborated with in the duo Czar Mitzvah, and Izzy Comma Stahp. Currently finishing his return to the meme-rap genre and branching temporarily from his more emo work which can be heard on Kodokushi, eetp is set to release Ultimate Jew on his birthday, October 27th, with a live Twitch stream ft. an MC_ESCHERR vj set “and other surprises.” He has a job now and is no longer a NEET.

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Sample Track
eetp – Happy

Missing/Incomplete Releases

Official Releases
[2012] eetp – Dey Don’t Understand Me So Dey Ban Me (320)
[2012] eetp – Powerful Animals & Suppressed Memories (320)
[2013] eetp – Anal Awakening EP (320)
[2013] eetp – Infinite Trick Elephant (320)
[2013] eetp – Tupac Shrekcore Worldwise (320)
[2013] eetp – Strictly For My N.E.E.T.S (320)
[2014] eetp – Meme Cemetery (320)
[2014] eetp – Profit Prophet (320)
[2015] eetp – Kodokushi (320)
[2016] eetp – 366 Dimensions of eetp B-Sides & Singles (320)
[2016] eetp – Ultimate Jew (v0)

[2013] Czar Mitzvah – Run the Jews (320) (eetp & MC Escher)

Bootlegs / Singles

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