DOCK HELLISH is back at it again with his new project “The Plot: Part 1“. Spanning fourteen tracks and thirty minutes, HELLISH enlists the help of some of his favorite producers (HVNZO, SCREWMANEFLARE, Wavebeats and more, even lending his own production on one song) to show off his skills on the mic. Many may be turned off by his voice, but it really adds to the atmosphere that the producers have created, reminiscent of a Halloween night (which matches the great cover art too!). The sole feature on the project comes from an absolute legend, Kirb La Goop, who is definitely a welcome switch up on the album and works really well over DOCK’s production. Otherwise it’s all DOCK all the time and he never really let’s listeners get bored, he knows when he needs to change something up to keep people engaged. Overall, this is a great project which, according to the title, is only a hint of what to come. If this is any indication of the quality though, we can certainly look forward to the future of DOCK hELLISh’s career.

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