Dock Hellish is not stopping this month as he has dropped yet ANOTHER EP, this time teaming up with producer PBoyBeatz. A quick four songs, Dock shows that he can continue to give us quantity without giving up quality as some of these songs are his best work this month. Bringing features from Lil Xelly and Slump Grimey, Hellish continues to demonstrate that he can put together a great project seemingly effortlessly. If you’ve liked everything else he’s dropped this month then you have no reason to skip on this one, you’d be missing out. It’s probably a fair guess to say that this isn’t even the last release of the month, and it leaves us all excited to see what his victory lap will be to wrap it all up.

Check out the new Dock Hellish and PBoyBeatz EP here if you need something to get over all those family gatherings.

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