Only You is a track that could easily be presented as a tour de force, as it features three artists exhibiting perfectly why they deserve a spot in the top of the underground. Dock Hellish steps back to the boards for this track, proving that his vocals aren’t the only thing he has to contribute. This beat is more of a minimalist direction, using some drones and easy kicks to push the tube along. Picking up with the established tone, HVNZO lays down some beautiful vocals for a hook and a verse which almost make you forget his more tap oriented presence, showing how multifaceted he can be. For the final killer comes Lil Zubin, arguably the best voice going right now. His heavenly vocals remind people that music can truly mean something, and his notes seemingly strike straight to your soul. If you haven’t hopped onto any of these three artists, especially Zubin, then you need to get listening because you’re missing out on some of the best work that the underground has to offer.

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