“GVNG SHIT” is a new track from DOCK hELLISh’s exclusive series starting the one and only Majin Blxxdy. hELLISh brings out some magic for the beat on this one, and it honestly sounds like one of the best beats he’s ever made (thank God he lets it ride out at the end, giving us plenty of time to soak it in). Blxxdy jumps in, does his thing, and jumps out on this track, having only one verse and two refrains of the chorus. However, he certainly doesn’t let that time go to waste. During the chorus, Blxxdy employs a laid back flow, coaxing listeners in to what sounds like a nice and chill song. But when that verse kicks in he lets all his aggression out, shocking listeners with what is a very good surprise. The chorus comes again as a breath of fresh air before we finally get to totally level out with the beat at the end. Overall, this track is a beautiful example of hELLISh stepping back to just working on the boards, and he proves that he is not just a good voice. Give it a listen and, if you like what you hear, check out the rest of the exclusive tape he’s dropped. We can only hope hELLISh will continue in this direction, as he obviously has plenty of talent for it.

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