To say that DatPizz has come a long way in the past year is an understatement. Starting from nothing, now we have become a prolific and focused music curator for underground hip-hop on the web. As a love letter to hip-hop music, DatPizz has dropped yet the first of many Single Series’, celebrating the artists that the site believes are doing quality work and need more exposure. These are all tracks exclusive to DatPizz, meaning you won’t find these anywhere else, and boy does this tape ever have variety. Fan favorites like Slug Christ, Lil Peep BIGBABYGUCCI all make appearances alongside incredibly talented underground artists like BBY GOYARD, shrimp 2kthagoon. DatPizz staff member Nipz ties the entire project together with beautiful artwork for each individual track. All this and more can be found in this ultra-rare, ultra-official, and ultra-dope new DatPizz tape. Check out the full project below!

BBY GOYARD – Chasing Amy: A super mellow autotuned jam. Velvety smooth vocals accompanied by a beautifully composed beat produced by JCAM & JJGB3ATZ. The use of Rhodes keyboards on this track, coupled with the heavily autotuned vocals makes this track feel like an 80s smooth jam sung by a very sad robot.

Hellfiger & RIP Eternal – Nothing Lasts Forever: This track has those evil vibes. DatPizz friend trapphones delivers a sinister beat to go with both MCs’ evil and eerie delivery. Hellfiger brings the bars and RIP Eternal brings the moody melodies. This track will have you feeling like a corpse in the best way possible.

Blake Saint David – Idontfuckwithdrugs (ft. Delcada & Tyler Farms): Blake Saint David is a criminally underrated voice in the soundcloud R&B/Rap seen and we at DatPizz think this song showcases why. Soulful vocals with a vintage vibe coupled with a playful trap beat produced by Shotgun Gis are somehow a perfect match. Delcada & Tyler Farms add great bars and variety to the track as well, both being skilled MCs in their own right.

Lil Peep x Shrimp – goth bitch: The long awaited Lil Peep & Shrimp DatPizz exclusive delivers on every front. Shrimp and Peep have such chemistry it feels like they could have been in the same room when this track was recorded and both give us soulful vocals with lyrics extolling hedonism and partying. Glitter brings the heat with a chill beat that is 100% certified wavy.

Slug Christ, Eric North & crimson//chaos – Decomposition of the Self: This is probably the most off kilter track on this whole tape. The crimson//chaos produced instrumental is incredibly layered and detailed with a lot of unconventional and creative sounds used. Slug Christ & Eric North are up to the challenge however, and they match up to chaos’s creativity with dope, unconventional melodies that are sure to stick with you once the song ends.

Krishu – 2300 Freestyle: The fall single series pays a lot of attention to off the wall, unconventional tracks. However, sometimes you just need a good old fashioned banger, and Krishu is happy to provide. Krishu spits with a charisma and flow seen only in the biggest rap superstars over an insidiously catchy Spellz beat. If this isn’t your pre-game or workout anthem you are probably doin something wrong.

2kthagoon & Zae K – FROSTBITE: We at DatPizz know 2kthagoon is the most underrated hook man in the game, and we hope this track will illustrate why. His hook on this track, along with Chris Fresh‘s banger of a beat, will be stuck in your head for days. That isn’t to say that Zae K doesn’t bring the heat on his own. Bad-ass, “who gives a fuck” style lyrics litter this track, making Zae K sound like a larger than life trap super-villain.

BIGBABYGUCCI – State To State: Who better to round out this compilation of bangers than BIGBABYGUCCI? Big baby shows us his softer side with a mellow, autotuned flow over a hard hitting LOTTABRIXX beat. This track cements BBG as a future star who can do what everyone else in the game is doing, but better. 

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