Today DatPizz is proud to premier the new Shrimp song “Stepback.” A departure from pretty much anything we’ve ever heard from the artist previously, Shrimp takes this opportunity to show us that he can do more than creating dreamscapes and singing. Stepback’s beat is dark and sinister, sounding like it popped straight out of a horror flick. Shrimp himself produced it, like a majority of his catalogue, and lends his vocals in a choppy triplet flow which he has seldom used. This track demonstrates that there’s more than meets the eye to Shrimp, he is a man of many talents and you never know what he might be cooking up next. Definitely give it a listen and hit the man himself up to let him know how much you enjoyed it. As always, keep it tuned to DatPizz for the best exclusives from some of your favorite artists, and keep an eye out for our Winter Singles Series coming soon.


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