Misfit Yeager is an artist from Louisville, KY and based in Seattle, WA. This collaborative effort with Prfct Storm is his first official EP. Each track dives into balancing a series of emotions and personal reflection with an abstract story telling that ties together Yeager’s struggles with violence, homelessness, drugs, his upbringing and more. Some guest appearances include a co-produced track with Mackned titled “Insensible” which has an eerie but heartfelt flow overlaid back vibes that emit nostalgia. ‘Bark Or Bite‘ is a duo team with infamous Louisville legend Blaq D’Mone (formerly Dru Blakk) that details rough conditions of street life with rapid fire delivery and razor sharp lyricism, over a high energy anthem that is sure to have heads moving. 

This EP really sticks out to me due to his use of the dark and evil flow to really portray the story and image he has lived. Out of the 7 tracks “I left the T.V on again” would have to be my favorite track. I relate to his dark lyrics and story. You’d be missing out if you didn’t give this new EP a listen.

Listen to “Collateral//Chaos” from Misfit Yeager now.

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