CHXPO SOICY has rolled out with a new icy single “TIME IS MONEY.” The trap rap track is explicit in nature, with its dreamy yet eerie bassline leading the song. The beat is nasty, serving heat as CHXPO delivers his real verses on the reality of dealing with checks and time. He is a hustler, trapping to be successful, and his music continues to express his lifestyle. The song starts off almost holy, with a faint choir in the background and soft vocals, but clashes with a hard hitting hellish bass, as CHXPO still keeps his tempo. Reckless on the beat, he still comes clean with his rhythm on top the filthy instrumental, blending among its demonic tune. Its chilling, bad ass, yet he is consistent in keeping it real despite the grunge of the mix. Overall, the GOAT serves yet another single worth bumping.

Listen to “TIME IS MONEY” now.

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