DXD Allstar’ rapper and producer Cartoon Ben has blessed us with his first ever EP – a pleasant 5 track long project ‘Mom, It’s Not A Phase’ in which he teamed up with Roland (rewopforever!) to achieve a synchronized power-duo with soothing, almost child-like melodies and all-around appealing instrumentals. Not only this – they certainly performed energetically and not only empower the beats with the artist vast skill set and perseverance but definitely lift your mood to an inspired and joyful level. There’s also something to keep you company during the gloomy days with the final track of the fresh EP – ‘everything i do is for you’.

Certainly an interesting turn of events is that the first track is produced by the platinum-certified producer Bobby Johnson who has been behind the beat for some huge tracks including the likes of Lil Xan’s Betrayed as well as Beyoncé’s 7/11′ which has reached almost 500 million views on YouTube.

We’ve seen the rise of Cartoon Ben considering he is a close friend of DatPizz (gang!) and we are sure that this is not even close to his peak performance and he will bless you with way more remarkable instrumentals and vocals in the future. Don’t sleep on him, stay woke.

Give it a listen and tell the artists what’d you think of it!
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