One of the biggest things Bucky Malone has going for him is his nonchalant coolness. The Virginia Hip-Hop artist has built his music of portraying himself as a suave player living a fast life through lyrics filled with good weed, beautiful women and good times. Young, wild and free he lives his life to the fullest having fun and finding excitement where he goes and soaking up the financial gains and female admiration that his chosen career as a recording artist brings.

Bucky Malone’s latest LP “Futuristic Pimp $hit II” is one of his lengthiest endeavors yet with 17 tracks. A capable rapper with a good voice one of Bucky’s strongest assets has been his beat choice. The ICYTWAT produced beat on his release “Mission” is utterly entrancing and the production featured on this project is atmospheric and wavy with sounds that are cold, mellow and chill. Bucky raps with a stern deliver with spurts of palpable bassoon about never yelling, screaming or showing intense, emotion. His vocals are clear and match the laidback tone present on majority of the record. His enjoyment of A$AP Mob’s early work shows as he incorporates ethereal production and chopped and screwed vocal effects.

At times Bucky can come through with conviction filled flows something which is pretty evident on “Free Tay” where he delivers one of his realest record rapping about his homie serving time behind bars. Singing most of the choruses, Bucky keeps most of the hooks simple where he’s laying vocals on a hard hitting record or discussion relationship demands on “Somebody” Quite confident, Bucky’s lyrics reference groupies and his various girlfriends, sexual conquest and come up story things which all come together on “Oohs and Ahh’s” a sexually charged record about casual relationships.

Futuristic Pimp $hit II” is a memoir of Bucky Malone’s, with wild experience, self affirming lyrics, and carefree living from the perspective of a reckless and fearless 20 something enjoying the pleasures of life. It’s pretty dense but it’s cohesiveness makes it easy to play it through from start to finish and the jiggy vibe of the tape gives it a pleasant feel. It rides like a steady roller coaster there’s no incredible climax but it’s still a fun time. This LP embodies who Bucky Malone is as an artist and individual.


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