Underground gem and Drain Gang member, Bladee, drops a beautiful new 16yrold produced single ‘”I Chose To Be This Way“, featuring art by close friend and Drain Gang associate Ecco2k, truly making us feel some way.

Bladee has been in the spotlight for many years now releasing, in this year alone, two-track EP, EXILE, as well as projects Working On Dying and Red Light. As a close friend and frequent collaborator of fellow Stockholm native Yung Lean, there has always been a level of hype surrounding the mysterious individual that is always matched with the pristine and creative tracks he releases to the public and this release is no different.

The track is produced by previous collaborator 16yrold, a household name for the underground at this point producing hits such as Sheck Wes‘ “Mo Bamba,” Killy‘s “No Romance” and “Very Scary” as well as many, many more. The production perfectly matches Bladee’s love for atmosphere and emotion allowing his beautifully melodic and hypnotic auto-tuned vocal style to travel through our bodies and stick with us throughout the whole track like a touch from an above entity.

Throughout the track Bladee speaks on his love life and possible drug abuse with lyrics such as:

“Toxic, can’t feel my lungs, I can’t think about it” 

“It’s only real for you, that’s the thing about it, 
It’s only love for you and I’ll die about it” 

Bladee – ‘i chose to be this way’

standing out among the rest. This track is Bladee’s way of telling us that he lives a lifestyle that he shouldn’t but is proud of it and accepts that he in fact “Chose To Be This Way“.

Give the track a listen below via 16yrold’s SoundCloud and let us know what you think!

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