A few months ago, Miami artist BZZY formerly known as BZZY Crook released a great Hip-Hop project titled “Before I Jump” that excellently infused soulful production and dope raps to deliver a near immaculate tape. On this revealing project, he addresses his personal demons head-on in a cathartic manner as he opened up about infertility, depression, suicidal thoughts and domestic abuse. One of the most underrated projects of the year this diamond in the sand is a shining example of strong storytelling, slick flows, and masterful production and it has a powerful message about mental health and depression.

Dropping off his latest visual, BZZY collaborates with ELEVATOR to present the official music video for “Inside My Head” a track taken from his recent release “Before I Jump“. In this video, he sheds life on depression and recreates the uneasy feeling in mental turmoil as he fights with conflicting thoughts of motivation, sadness, joy, and doubt.Feeling torn apart he urges himself to push through “get Inside your heart and get up your head BZZY”, “keep on fighting BZZY, Keep on writing BZZY”

Watch “Inside My Head” below ang if you enjoy  it give “Before I Jump” a listen.

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