Author: Trey Alston

Natalie hits the tropics on “Palm Trees”

Listening to Natalie’s latest song “Palm Trees,” I was immediately reminded of that one Cheetos commercial where the brand’s mascot relaxed on the beach, as suave as ever. “Palm Trees” brings that same chill flavor, embracing tropical aesthetics to create an effortlessly suave cut that’ll sit with you long after it finishes.  Listen to “Palm Trees”...

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Parkway is brooding and mysterious in “I Can’t Feel My Face”

With Halloween around the corner, Parkway’s mysterious new visual for “I Can’t Feel My Face” is that much more haunting. The Virginia rapper’s ability to generate a thick air of intrigue out of the blue will draw you into his dark world of atmospheric bleakness and mesmerizing, slow raps. It’s all on display in “I Can’t Feel My Face” so prepare to be blown away.  Watch the video for “I Can’t Feel My Face”...

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Corin Gabriella croons about her city on “Brooklyn”

Now, this is what we’re talking about when we quip about out-of-the-box music. Corin Gabriella’s “Brooklyn” is purposefully amateurish, capturing the spirit of the ground floor of one of the country’s most culturally rich cities. The video manages to encapsulate this culture beautifully, backed by Corin’s pleasing vocals that makes for one hell of a visual and sonic trip.  Watch the video for “Brooklyn”...

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