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Preacher Nicky wets the scene on new single 37 TORTURE CHAMBERS

Preacher Nicky teams up with Stain to make a bloody, vulgar mess on 37 TORTURE CHAMBERS. Nicky starts off his self-produced track with “Bitch go drink some bleach,” letting us know he isn’t fucking with anyone. Nicky fills the song with metal-inspired ad-lib growls alongside the classic ad-libs we all love. Stain jumps right in swinging with “Ima do a drive-by about 5 times until your brain vacant,” and continues to flow until the very last second. The art of Nicky and Stain’s dismembered heads on top of pulled organs is made by belezhka. Check out the track and throw bows...

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Pheonix Rivers switches lanes on his new single NASCAR.

With his most popular song sitting at less than 2,000 plays, it came to no surprise that there wasn’t much information behind Pheonix Rivers. His newest single NASCAR has him leaving his voice to drone on and on over a beautiful melodic beat with thumping bass. Pheonix talks haters, guns and drugs on this track produced by glo! and TheWonderKid.Check out the track...

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Swanton-bomb your mom to this new LIL SLIME album.

LIL SLIME DA GARBAGE MANE came through with a refreshing take on the hyper-aggressive metal and Three 6 Mafia inspired rap style that is taking over Soundcloud. His album SLIME DAWG TRILLIONAAIRE hits all the right notes that we’re used to but pushes it to a higher level with impressive flow and delivery on every single track. The intro sets the scene for the album as a campfire story goes awry; getting cut short by a hellish chainsaw and maniacal laugh. Slime makes sure to hit the necessary flexing themes and brutal imagery but also knows when to dial...

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BLACK TEENAGER keeps it live on his new single “burn (all this shit.)”

New York native and JuggWorld member, BLACK TEENAGER drops a single titled “burn (all this shit.)” Low vocals pair well with the lofi sound and drowning bass but also retains the heavy trap feel in the lyrics and delivery. There currently isn’t an announcement for another project in the works but if the time comes we’re ready to fuck shit up to...

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Yung Flex brings another ignorant hit on “LISP!”

Deathcamp and Shini Gang affiliate Yung Flex has been dropping back to back hits all year. In his new single “LISP!” he murders a Code Orange flip of “Kill the creator” by unleashing a torrent of ignorant bars. Yung Flex and Lil Slime recently met up in New York and we’re sure whatever they got planned will make us break shit. We’re looking forward to whatever Yung Flex has in...

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